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The colder months are fast approaching...have you considered how inclement weather might impact your operations and bottom line? A dock seal can help - here's how:

· Energy Loss Savings – When designed correctly a dock seal creates a tight barrier between your building and a transportation carrier. Without a correctly designed dock seal, heated air will be lost through door openings. The effect of this loss is equal to having a large hole on the side of your building. With heating costs on the rise, it makes sense to invest in a dock seal. You will see a return on investment within months of your purchase.

· Safe Working Environment – Without a dock seal, your loading dock area is vulnerable to exterior elements. The operation of a forklift or other heavy equipment on a loading dock or plate can be dangerous when mixed with water or snow (risk of lower traction, slipping, distractions etc.) Improve the safety of your workplace with a dock seal...your employees will be protected and efficiency should improve.

· Protecting Merchandise – The loading dock area is a vital hub for manufacturing and distribution organizations. A dock seal will protect your valuable materials and product from heat, rain, snow, wind, cold, vermin and insects.

Designing a Dock Seal

When correctly designed, a dock seal will be customized taking into consideration:

· Size of truck or trailer

· Grade approach of driveway (decline /incline)

· Size of door opening

· Bumper projections

· Dock height

· Frequency of use

Depending on the application, there are three main types of products that can seal your loading dock area:

· Standard Dock Seal - Most economical method of forming an air-tight seal between the building and the trailer.

· Truck Shelter - Offers an all-around seal for varying trailer heights and widths.

· Inflatable Shelters - Perfect where a fixed frame shelter is not feasible and the trailers serviced are of varying heights.

Interested? Contact me - I would be pleased to provide you with a complimentary site survey.

Darren Madden

Principal | Optimized Industrial Solutions

m: 902-809-7865



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