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Does your organization routinely move and store materials?

Inefficient movement of materials can adversly impact business in a number of ways: production output, scheduling accuracy, storage capacity and employee morale and safety.

It might not be the first solution that springs to mind, but loading dock equipment can help mitigate pinch points in your organization's supply chain.

If your organization's current approach to the loading and off-loading of materials is less than optimal, OPTIN is here to help! We offer free on-site consulting services to assess any loading dock requirement.

OPTIN specializes in turn-key customized dock equipment applications including:

  • Replacement of exhausted equipment;

  • Design and installation of new equipment (dock leveler, vehicle truck restraints, door seals, shelters and bumpers);

  • Cutting concrete to install new equipment; and

  • Conversion of a mechanical loading dock to a hydraulic loading dock.

OPTIN has the expertise to design loading dock applications that meet the unique requirements of your organization, taking into consideration:

- Typical products/materials: size, weight and volume;

- Use of forklifts and/or other industrial trucks;

- Type of trucks that will be loaded / off-loaded;

- Frequency of use;

- Return on investment with a hydraulic dock vs. mechanical dock;

- Safety (i.e. vehicle truck restraints, lighting, signage etc.); and

- Ergonomic health and wellness of your employees.


OPTIN is proud to be the Atlantic Canadian distributor for Nordock. Headquartered in Bowmanville, Ontario, Nordock designs and manufactures specialty loading dock equipment, including:

- Dock Levelers (mechanical, hydraulic, air powered, horizontal and vertical)

- Vehicle Truck Restraints

- Door Seals and Shelters

Nordock offers a new and innovative style of loading dock called the 'Flex-Lip Dock Leveler'', which is available in both hydraulic and air powered models.

Benefits of the flex-lip dock leveler include:

- a patented lip design that extends automatically as the leveler deck descends, maintaining the lip horizontally in all positions of the platform (even during below-dock loading operations);

- a reduced risk of low-clearance pallet trucks and forklifts grounding while loading and off-loading materials;

- forklift tire wear and tear is minimized, particularly in below-dock loading operations; and

- risk of personnel injury caused by whole-body vibration is reduced.

If you are interested in learning more about Nordock equipment, or any other loading dock application, please get in touch.

Optimized Industrial Solutions Ltd / OPTIN

Darren Madden / Owner



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