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MODEX 2018

I recently traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend MODEX 2018. MODEX is an expo hosted by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHI) which featured 920 exhibitors from over 110 countries promoting world best supply chain products and solutions.

While at MODEX I was in search of niche manufacturers with innovative products for my world class customers in Atlantic Canada, especially marijuana production, seafood processing, distribution and manufacturing applications. I saw hundreds of products, but I was particularly impressed with:

- Ergonomics products for employees;

- Quick ship OSHA industrial stairs and platforms;

- High density storage solutions for marijuana growing operations; and

- Durable plastic guardrail.

Also at MODEX, I gained a greater understanding of the ways in which automation and artificial intelligence have, and will continue to, influence industries. As competition increases and businesses strive to achieve exceptional customer service, robots are becoming the new normal.

Watch here as a robot is able to identify and redirect products - an application that cuts costs, reduces errors and speeds up shipping and delivery timelines. Products like these are used by organizations such as Amazon, enabling quick delivery of just in time orders, while maintaining low prices and exceptional service.

If you are interested in learning more about material handling products and industrial supplies, including the innovate products I saw at MODEX, please get in touch.

Optimized Industrial Solutions Ltd / OPTIN

Darren Madden / Owner



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